A Look Back at Programming in 2020

January 2, 2021
As Megan Fortman, Art with a Heart’s Program Director said, “This year has been our test AND our testimony!! For those dedicated to the work as we are, the test is to never stop seeking out creative solutions to make a difference in ways big and small. And the testimony is to all the work, all the students, teachers, and staff who came before us in Art with a Heart’s 20 year history and all the new faces that will be part of our future.”
In the last year, the Art with a Heart programming team engaged 368 students in 18 classes each day. Almost all of the Art with a Heart classes were supplemented by HeART Boxes created and delivered to students with the help and support of interns and volunteers. These HeART Boxes were a treasure of art supplies for students of all ages. The preparation included:
  • 18,000 paint cups
  • 10,500 pipe cleaners
  • 30,000 sheets of construction paper
  • 7.000 sheets of watercolor paper
  • 180 gallons of paint
  • 15 gallons of glue
In all, 7,622 HeART Boxes were created for 34 programming partners. Art with a Heart is grateful to the 31 interns from six different colleges and universities who helped with this massive undertaking. These interns provided 4,123 invaluable hours of service both in-office and remotely; the equivalent of two full-time staff members for the year! The organization is also grateful to the 40 Art with a Heart teachers and assistants who have adjusted and excelled in the virtual programming realm.
As we enter 2021, Art with a Heart remains committed to providing quality visual art programs to children and adults in under-resourced communities and to continuing its efforts to build upon its innovative curriculum with more culturally responsive themes and lessons.