December 2020 Newsletter

January 7, 2021

Dear Friends:

As 2020 comes to a close, I can not thank you enough for your kind support of Art with a Heart. It is hard to believe that as we commenced our 20th year of programming, Art with a Heart was only “full throttle” for 10 weeks — 10 weeks!! And by “full throttle” I mean large scale programs taking place in person in 65 partnering sites, volunteers in the Art with a Heart space five days a week, workforce students filling the office on a daily basis with energy and creativity and Art of Leadership students convening as a community to learn and grow together.

The value and importance of developing one’s creative muscle and the ability to use that creativity has never been more apparent. Within a matter of weeks, the Art with a Heart’s team was stretching its own creative muscle….every small step led to big leaps. I am humbled, grateful and proud of what the Art with a Heart team has been able to accomplish over the last year. The impact of their efforts are shared below, but know that in that last year, Art with a Heart was able to conduct 6,559 visual art classes and provide 134,255 unique art experiences. The organization engaged 1,287 volunteers in over 6,000 hours of service and provided 140 virtual workforce development classes with a 93% attendance rate. The organization also completed and installed 17 public art projects and graduated another 21 Art of Leadership students for an alumni network of 92 inspiring youth. And there is more…a new website was launched and volunteers began enthusiastically working on the Heart of Baltimore project.

The Art with a Heart team could not do this work without you and the devoted Board, Advisory Board, teachers, assistants, interns and volunteers who dedicate their time and talent to the organization. Now, more than ever, we are counting on your support to help sustain the organization’s efforts for the children and adults who benefit from, and cherish, Art with a Heart programs.

Please show your support today.

Art with a Heart wishes you a safe and healthy new year filled with creative experiences that free your “mind and soul.” Thanks for the inspiration, Joseph (quoted above)!